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Lost Your Card?

Call our Customer Service Hotline at
1300 222 848 to deactivate your lost card.

Get a replacement card* at any
TGV Cinemas Nationwide.

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Gift Vouchers

Looking for a gift? Get TGV Movie Access Vouchers! TGV Cinemas offers a wide selection of vouchers to suit your budget and lifestyle needs. Shop for the vouchers online and make a surprise delivery to your family, friends and colleagues today.

Movie Access Vouchers

Tiered offerings with a range of validity rates to suit your requirements. Purchase over 100 tickets can be made via email [email protected] or via phone at 03-2381-3535 (please ask for the Corporate Sales team).

Food & Beverages Voucher

This F&B voucher consists of one regular soft drink with one regular popcorn set.


  • IMAX Experience®
  • Best popcorn in the world
  • 3D-X cinema halls
  • Exclusive LUXE Halls
  • Beanie cinemas
  • Stadium seating