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[HO00005099, [IMAX 3D] Marvel\'s Captain America: The Civil War, ad723841-440b-4e7b-ba67-ec053e6345db, imax-3d, marvel-s-captain-america-the-civil-war-HO00005099, HO00005083, 8be5be01-936b-449a-9671-ffef36ab621c, moR6sg_RA-4, hasParent]
[HO00005031, [IMAX 3D] Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, 9d1b13d6-a91b-4368-a226-8d0d2aa31c38, imax-3d, batman-v-superman-dawn-of-justice-HO00005031, HO00005026, ba8fbf81-52d4-41f1-ae63-81ae4218784a, fis-9Zqu2Ro, hasParent]
[HO00006101, [IMAX 3D] xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage**, d36e5c2c-f3d9-449c-8cc0-9566cb2dcf67, imax-3d, xxx-the-return-of-xander-cage-HO00006101, HO00006099, 5ea0f475-555a-417b-8910-7d808f864d9b, MQEFmHsseaU, hasParent]
[HO00006244, [IMAX 2D] LOGAN, c9450591-cd1a-449f-bc3c-1991739d8c23, imax-2d, logan-HO00006244, HO00006239, ad6ea41a-1f20-412a-b16f-1d862e83341c, Div0iP65aZo, hasParent]
[HO00006532, [IMAX 3D] WONDER WOMAN, dbeab310-ae09-49cf-8cfa-0d72ca1077e3, imax-3d, wonder-woman-HO00006532, HO00006531, 53032b51-836d-462f-9e29-8dd553a74070, VSB4wGIdDwo, hasParent]
[HO00006416, [IMAX 3D] GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL.2, a7fd8938-5ba9-462d-99d9-310f7cfbe4d8, imax-3d, guardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2-HO00006416, HO00006411, 56b748c3-3548-4263-850f-927ac4eef6e9, duGqrYw4usE, hasParent]
[HO00006305, [IMAX 3D] KONG: SKULL ISLAND, 6c40729f-f445-4f44-b004-f5dc6fe399dd, imax-3d, kong-skull-island-HO00006305, HO00006300, e5ed1b18-5ef0-4320-9050-9102e992a96a, AP0-9FBs2Rs, hasParent]
[HO00006486, [IMAX 3D] PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN:SALAZAR REVENGE, 0e844190-1377-4048-81a2-570ae9241357, imax-3d, pirates-of-the-caribbean-salazar-revenge-HO00006486, HO00006482, f13486b0-1de2-4bb8-ada8-f2a03487077e, a5V5C8mEVzY, hasParent]
[HO00006316, [IMAX 3D] FAST AND FURIOUS 8, d1c8148e-2e08-4584-b176-df140fcb28d0, imax-3d, fast-and-furious-8-HO00006316, HO00006310, f4b1b0f8-9122-47ef-a49a-26534bc1a17a, JwMKRevYa_M, hasParent]
[HO00006296, [IMAX 3D] BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, a9634e34-95f0-4f57-ba5e-838768ca4476, imax-3d, beauty-and-the-beast-HO00006296, HO00006289, e10e1ba6-e107-4166-92d2-f49e0241e10d, zCL_U-TalqQ, hasParent]
[HO00006683, [IMAX 2D] DUNKIRK, 1f4f4c0f-a947-4919-805f-e90a08bd35ee, imax-2d, dunkirk-HO00006683, HO00006679, bec7e650-be1e-4c3f-8dcd-60d10a86ce69, VQ01tJ4EWeg, hasParent]
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Why should I see a movie in IMAX®
    Every IMAX® theatre is custom designed to deliver the ultimate audio and visual experience. Most standard screens are small so the most obvious difference is the large IMAX® screens which spans wall-to-wall and floor-to ceiling. The screen is not only wider and higher but also curved as well bringing you closer to the screen. This places you in the centre of the action and creates an immersive experience no matter where you're sitting.
    IMAX's proprietary, state-of-art projection systems provides 60% brightness and 40% more contrast than standard theatres to create an experience so real it will take your breath away regardless in 2D or 3D. IMAX® has been revolutionising the 3D movie-going experience for more than two decades. When you combine IMAX's proprietary 3D projection technology, the image literally pops off the screen compared to a regular 3D cinema.
    IMAX® works closely with many Hollywood's notable film makers such as Christopher Nolan and J.J Abrams to enhance the most minute detail and resolution in every frame in a process called IMAX® Digital Re-mastering or known as DMR so that it is amazingly clear and magnified!
    The sound system in an IMAX® theatre is customised so you can literally hear a pin drop from across the room and know exactly where it fell! This is done by soundproofing the hall and strategically placing the speakers around the hall to maximize the volume and the way the sound travels in the room. Every loudspeaker is laser-aligned to deliver sound so accurate it could hit a bull's eye from 100ft.