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What is Family Friendly

TGV Cinemas is delighted to present the “Family Friendly” sessions exclusively for parents who wish to introduce the cinema world to their kids! Now parents can bring their kids to cinemas without worries!

General Terms and Conditions  for Family Friendly   

  • Family Friendly tickets can be purchased via walk-in, TGV Cinemas mobile app and TGV Cinemas website for the all locations.
  • Valid only for selected titles and selected showtime
  • Ticket price is RM10.00 per adult & RM5.00 per kid under 12years old
  • Each adult can purchase up to a maximum of 2 kids priced tickets
  • Tickets for any additional kid will be charged RM10.00 per session.
  • Admission of Adults without Kids is prohibited 
  • The Management & Staff of TGV Cinemas reserve the right to refuse admission to any person failing to comply with the terms and conditions 
  • TGV Cinemas is not responsible for any accident or injury to the patrons & damage or loss of their belongings 
  • All ticket discounts, advertiser or complimentary passes & movie access vouchers are not applicable for the Family Friendly session 
  • TGV Cinemas reserves the right to change the terms & conditions for the Family Friendly sessions without prior notice


TGV Cinemas has been the first in Malaysia at a lot of things but one thing we’ve been extremely proud of is our Family Friendly sessions (#tgvcinemas #familyfriendlysessions) which have so far attracted all kinds of cool ,crazy fun loving kids from all over along with their families to have the most enjoyable movie experience they could possibly hope for!

For the uninitiated, the TGV Cinemas Family Friendly sessions are our one-of-a-kind movie screening sessions in which we invite families with toddlers and the like to enjoy their favourite film whilst allowing their kids to run about and play to their hearts content.

The halls and our friendly attentive staff are fully equipped to facilitate the most enjoyable cinema experience for the whole family. Baby changing rooms are available at your earliest need and should cater to every requirement so you can let your hair down and really enjoy the movie experience while the children do what kids do and have the time of their lives.

To ensure families have a more comfortable and relaxing time, our cinema volume will be lowered and the lights dimmed. Parents are advised to strictly follow our “House Rules” throughout the session to guarantee everyone has the absolute best possible time.

  • Kids are allowed to ask “Why”
  • Kids can scream and shout, and let it all out
  • Kids can make new friends
  • Kids are allowed to move around
  • Parents, please proceed to the toilet for anything wetter than tears
  • TGV Cinemas Family Friendly Sessions are available in all TGV Cinemas location nationwide
  • Family Friendly sessions are available every weekend at 11.00am. We have plans to extend the sessions to other locations in the future. So please stay tune!

TGV Cinemas Family Friendly session is the only place to experience movie with all your family members that you've been waiting for!