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iPay88 FAQs

What is iPay88?

iPay88 is our payment gateway provider, they are a subsidiary of

What is the list of Online Payment Options Available in iPay88?

Maybank2U, CIMBClicks, AmOnline (Ambank), Hong Leong Online, allianceonline,, RHB Bank, Bank Islam.

Are Credit Card & PayPal payment methods still available?

Yes, credit card & PayPal facilities will still be available, the new iPay88 payment gateway provides additional payment methods.

Do we have to input our actual name, email & contact number?

Yes, it is very important for our customers to input their actual name, a valid email & contact number for us to easily retrieve your purchase details in case customers do not receive booking details.

Why does my credit card statement/Internet banking details state payment is made to "" instead of "TGV Cinemas Sdn Bhd"?

This is normal as TGV Cinemas' online payment is powered by iPay88, therefore customers will be charged by "".

How do I know that my transaction is successful?

You will receive an email from "iPay88 Sales" which will state that your online payment via iPay88 is successful. You will then receive a 2nd email from TGV Cinemas with your booking ID. If you do not receive the 2nd email, kindly email [email protected] with your name, contact & email address & we will assist you with it.

I received an automated email, stating that my payment was successful but ticket order did not go through. What does this email mean?

Your payment was successful, however it did not go through our system. Our system will therefore raise a refund request automatically, which will take approximately 3-4 weeks to reflect in your account.

I selected to purchase my tickets via Internet Banking, but why did the "iPay88" payment page appear instead of my Internet Banking process.

iPay88 is our new payment gateway provider therefore, all users will have to go through the iPay88 payment page before proceeding to your selected Internet Banking page to login.

I have Bank Islam & internet banking facilities, what do I select from the "Payment Method" dropdown list to make an online purchase?

Please select “FPX” from the “Payment Method” dropdown box to proceed with your purchase.