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About GST

Is TGV Cinemas registered for GST?

Yes, TGV Cinemas and its subsidiary companies are registered for GST.

Are all the goods and services provided by TGV Cinemas subject to GST?

Yes, all goods and services provided by TGV Cinemas will be subject to 6% GST which includes movie ticket sales, concession sales, membership fee for MovieClub, INDULGE and Chill*x sales, hall rental charges, etc.

Are any goods or services provided by TGV Cinemas zero–rated or exempted from GST?

No, however, entertainment duty which is charged on movie tickets is not subject to GST.

Is service charge same as service tax? Is it subject to GST?

No, service charge is not the same as service tax. Service tax will be replaced by GST whereas service charge is part of the services provided by TGV Cinemas and therefore subject to GST.

How will TGV Cinemas charge GST to its customers?

There will be no additional 6% GST charged on the current ticket and concession prices; the prices displayed are inclusive of GST.

What is the difference between full and simplified tax invoice?

The main differences between these 2 types of invoices are a full tax invoice will contain the customer’s name and address, while a simplified tax invoice will not have these details.

In addition, the simplified tax invoice will display the gross price of items sold (inclusive of GST), while the full tax invoice will display the net price of items sold (exclusive of GST).

TGV Cinemas will issue the simplified tax invoice (receipt) to its customers, however, a full tax invoice can be issued upon request from customers. Note: Please direct customers to the Manager-on-duty if they request for a full tax invoice.

What happen if customer needs further clarification or have other GST-related questions?

Will TGV Cinemas charge GST on 1 April 2015 on movie ticket?

TGV Cinemas will maintain the ticket prices and the 6% GST will be factored into the ticket price.

How about other product such as Popcorn, snack and drink?

TGV Cinemas will maintain the prices for popcorn, snacks and drinks, and the 6% GST will be factored into the price.

How can TGV Cinemas’ customer benefits from GST, such as ticket sale on Wednesday (will cheap ticket on Wednesday be maintained or free popcorn or drink?

Yes, despite GST, our customers can enjoy watching movies with affordable prices such as the Super Wednesday and the Value Deals promotion which caters to students and senior citizens.

As we know that entertainment tax has been standardized at 25% in 2011 and adding to GST will TGV Cinemas charge example 25% + 6 % = 31 % for new charge?

TGV Cinemas will absorb the cost of GST, therefore we will not increase our ticket prices.